10 Incredibly Important Security Tips You Need To Know For 2017 Part 2

Burglars enter through UNLOCKED doors or windows 30% of the time

A padlock is open on a fence

Burglars don’t actually “break in” in as many of a third of the homes they steal from. They enter the home through unlocked doors and windows.

This is very common in homes with children. The reason being that children are more likely to unlock a door or window without locking it after use. Sliding glass doors that lead to the backyard are targeted by would-be intruders. This is because they are used often by children who may forget to lock it.

Always check your children’s bedroom windows and any doors that lead to the outside of the house before leaving your home. Always set the alarm when you leave. And, consider having the alarm on when you are at home since many burglary attempts occur while people are in the house.

Where do burglars steal from first?

Burglars know where you keep your valuables and it is predictable where most thieves will strike first in your home. This is the most common order a thief will take when robbing a home. It includes what they are looking to find in each space.

Master bedroom

The first, and sometimes only, room a burglar will hit is the master bedroom. They know the master bedroom and its closet are the most likely to hold valuables like guns, jewelry, safes, cash/credit cards, and important documents. Burglars also know to check under your mattress for hidden goods.


Next is the bathroom, for no other reason than pharmaceuticals (drugs).

Living spaces/common areas

Here a burglar will take TVs and gaming consoles. They will also snatch any small electronics like tablets or laptops that are laying on the coffee table or in the kitchen.


Finally, a burglar will ransack your home office. They will take your computer plus small electronics like cameras and hard drives. They may even loot your filing cabinet for important documents. Your social security number or bank account information are easily sold on the black market.

It is a good idea to store valuables in a less obvious place or a more secure location. A safe that is bolted to the ground, may be a good solution. You may also consider hidden options like false/secret drawers or compartments.

34% of burglars enter through the front door

Fortifying your front door should be the first item on anyone’s security checklist as it is the first place most burglars attempt to break in through. Make sure your front door is never unlocked and that it is made of heavy duty wood or metal. A hollow core door is easily broken.
Also, be sure to have heavy duty deadbolts. You may even consider getting a video doorbell system that can be accessed through your smartphone. This will alert you when someone is at your door and you can see them via live video feed.

Home property theft loses average about $2,500

There is always a monetary value that can be easily measured after a theft. However, the mental and emotional effects are often incalculable. Consider the cost of a burglary and compare that to the cost and peace of mind an alarm system may provide.

Most security systems cost $20 per month (as little as $14 in the case of ESI Comm) to monitor. And, a security system with installation averages around $600-$1000. To many, that investment is well worth the price.

Burglars are rarely caught and property is almost never retrieved

Only 13% of burglary suspects are caught…

This is a staggering statistic which leaves every victim of theft anxious and frustrated. If your home is burglarized, the police will, in all likelihood, never find who perpetrated the crime. And, if they do, the items stolen are likely long gone, never to be recovered.

A police officer investigating a crimeBurglars often have a system for quickly getting rid of stolen goods. And, in today’s online world, stolen goods are often sold quickly through online sites like ebay and Craigslist within days of the crime.

One factor that helps police capture the criminal is video or photos of the burglar(s). Having a video surveillance system will help police identify the criminals. Which gives them a higher probability of capturing them and maybe even retrieving your valuables.

Regardless of how, when, or why a burglar may target your home, you must take steps to prevent them from burglarizing your house. If you have any questions or are concerned that your security measures are lacking, out of date, or even non-existent, give us a call and we will help you secure your home and give you peace of mind that it is protected while you are home and away.