How To Protect Your Home During a Power Outage


From keeping the lights on, to keeping you cool in the summer, our homes use a ton of electricity; this electricity also helps scare potential burglars away through lights, sounds and security systems. However, with midwest storms and sweltering heat, the power is known to go out at least a few times every summer. So then what happens to your home, is it still secure?

Many security systems will go offline, or their service will be significantly reduced during a power outage. If you don’t have a security system or it goes offline when the power goes out, here are some ways to keep your home safe when it all goes dark.

The Simple, Cheap and Easy Option

A simple way to help decrease the chances of a break-in during a power outage, and in general, is to place a security system sign in your yard. When potential burglars see these signs, they are less likely to target that house, even during a power outage since some security systems can run on backup power. Whether or not your home has a security system, it never hurts to try and and trick a potential intruder.


Making sure all doors that lead outside are locked may sound like a no brainer. However, it can be easy forget about some doors, such as to and from the garage area or sliding doors (use a bar in track to prop up against the door for extra security). Additionally, install chain locks or deadbolts on all exterior doors as extra reinforcements.

A Bright Idea

One of the easiest and most classic burglar deterrent tactics is the simple task of leaving a light on inside the home. However, when the power goes out, you can’t just flip a switch. Make sure you have an electric lantern hanging around so not only you can see, read or play board games, but also it will signal to burglars that someone is home. If you have to leave the house, leave the electric lantern on as another security measure, just make sure you have plenty of batteries to ride the outage out (while candles are also easy to use and provide good light, it is not recommended to leave candles unattended for obvious reasons).

Cracked But Secure

Coming in through an open window is another classic burglar move. Especially in the summer, we often leave windows open or cracked open. Burglars look for this as a way into a home. Since air conditioning is run by electrical power, it can get quite hot during a summer power outage and cracking a window open allows for airflow. If you want to leave a window cracked open, use a piece of wood in the tracks to limit how far the window can slide; make sure the crack is small enough so that a human cannot slip through.

Safe and Secure

Another simple way to secure your most valuable belongings is to place them in a safe. Obvious? Sure. Effective? You bet. A safe can keep jewelry, small gadgets, financial information and more safe and secure from anyone who makes it inside your home. The best part? Either they don’t use power or they have an internal power source allowing it to be just as effective during a power outage as when the power is on.

If you have any questions about how your security system may react during an outage, reach out to us today. We are here to help protect you and your family, even when it goes dark.