Protecting Your Mobile Device

Let’s be honest. Our whole lives revolve around our mobile devices. All of our photos, calendar events, social media accounts, banking apps, texts, emails and music are squeezed into a rectangular technology that we slide into our pocket or purse. We shop on our mobile. We bank on our mobile. We live our lives on our mobiles. It may seem like a simple four-digit passcode will do the trick to securing all of this information, but that’s not always true.

It only takes one hacker, thief or virus getting into your mobile device to steal all of private information, but extra steps can be taken to protect your smartphone from these occurrences.

Always Have a Passcode

Nearly all mobile devices come with a passcode feature. Whether it be fingerprint system, facial recognition, numbered passcode or dot pattern, a passcode is the first step to a more protected device.

Graphic of different passcode options for phone security

Use a Secure Wifi

If you plan on doing a little online banking to pay off some bills or you plan on buying that latest fad off of Amazon with your credit card, make sure you are have a secure connection. Especially when on a free Wifi network, ensure your connection is safe from hackers and other internet crawlers. Consider hosting your own private mobile hotspot when on-the-go.

Don’t Buy Apps Outside Your Carrier’s Designated App Store

Many Android users who’ve purchased apps outside Samsung’s Google Play store have run into problems. Apple users who “jailbreak” their phone to remove some security restrictions are also at risk when downloading apps outside of the App Store.Photo of an array of iPhone applications

Take precaution when downloading apps from an uncertified site. Your carriers’ built-in securities have a lot of control when you use the designated apps, but they only do so much when used elsewhere.

Add Extra Passwords

Many mobile devices give you the option of adding extra passwords to your phone’s functions in addition to your entry passcode. Consider applying a password or code to your phone’s messaging feature or photo gallery. This will add an extra layer of security to personal information involving friends, family and co-workers.

Don’t Store Private Information On Your Device

We all have the tendency to copy and paste a lot of our passwords and usernames into our notes on our mobile. While this may be convenient to access when you’re locked out of an account, it is unsafe to store it in such a public space. Never keep your Social Security Number or credit card information in your notes. If anyone is able to unlock your device, they will have full access to your line of credit by simply opening your notes.

What to Do if Your Device is Stolen

The steps to a stolen phone can depend on the carrier you have.

Apple Users

iPhone users have the option of enabling the Find My iPhone app, so when their device goes missing, they can find it on a map using another device. Apple also allows users to go into “Lost Mode.”

Apple’s website states, “Using Lost Mode, you can remotely lock your device with a passcode, display a custom message with your phone number on your missing device’s Lock screen, and keep track of your device’s location. If you added credit or debit cards to Apple Pay, the ability to make payments using Apple Pay on the device will be suspended when you put your device in Lost Mode.”

Other Users

In general, if your device is stolen, contact your carrier to disable the account. This will prevent anyone from calling, messaging or using data from your device. Also, log in to important accounts using another device to change passwords and usernames. Finally, you can contact local authorities about your missing device if need be.

Boosting your mobile device’s security is becoming more and more crucial as smartphones become more integrated into our lives. Mobile security is only a start. If security is important to you and your family, give ESI Comm a call either at their Columbia, MO office or their Sikeston, MO location. They are Missouri’s leader in business phones, data and security, and they can bring your home or business’s security to the next level.

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