Top 10 Security Resolutions for the New Year


While running around for presents and visiting friends and family, one thing that should be in the back of your mind is how to keep your loved ones safe. It may not be as glamorous as hitting the gym and working on your 12-pack (you’ll get it this year!), but setting security resolutions this new year is something not to ignore. Doing simple updates around your home or investing in a security system will ensure your safety and peace of mind heading into 2017.

Top 10 Security Resolutions for the New Year

1. Your Christmas tree shouldn’t be the only thing lit this year

With the days getting shorter, the unlit area in front of your house provides many locations for future burglars to hide and scout. Lighting the space around your front door and sidewalk with deter criminals from hiding.

2. Wait until the vacation is over to upload photos

Criminals will monitor social media platforms to see which homeowners are going out-of-town during the holiday season. By updating your profile with details of photos of your trip, thieves can target homes they know are not occupied. Hold off until you have returned to post things online.

3. Make sure your security system is updated

Home security is usually a big worry as people move in.  However, as time goes on it something that’s easily neglected. Upgrading your security system will not only ensure it is up to date, but will also add digital features not available a decade ago.

4. Replace any weak locks

Sometimes it’s just not the right moment to overhaul your security system. Replacing weak locks is something quick and affordable to do immediately. Consumer Reports offers an excellent list of the different types of locks available to keep you safe.

5. Bring your safety online

By incorporating internet based security into your system, you can now monitor your alarm and video surveillance from your computer. This ensures you will know your home is safe even when you aren’t home.

6. Spend more time on your phone

Not only can internet based security be accessed by computer, but ESIComm also offers the ability to monitor straight from your phone. This offers on-the-go monitoring that will stay online even if criminals disable your landline.

7. Keep your home looking occupied

If burglars are watching your house, long periods of darkness will alter them of your schedule. By keeping the lights and the house looking occupied, your house is less likely to be invaded. Phone apps allow the user to turn lights on-and-off while being away.

8. Update your business ID System

Unfortunately, key locks can be broken into or unlocked with a replica of a key — or even a lost key… Switching to a finger print ID, retina ID, or voice ID security system ensures only those with privileges can access your business.

 9. Conduct a burglary audit

This is something that can be done by homes and business alike. Conducting a burglary audit to understand where your weaknesses are and how your family or staff should respond to an invasion. Walk through a potential invasion and mark down your strengths and where you can improve.

10. Secure your internet connection

Having an unprotected wifi connection works great when your know grandma won’t remember a 16 character password. However, this allows unwanted users to log onto your connection and potential access your information. Making sure your connection is up-to-date and secure will is essential maximizing the digital aspects of your security system.

Making sure your security system is working and secure is something not many talk about, but is incredibly important. ESIComm offers a variety of different plans and prices to help upgrade the weaknesses that may be keeping your home at risk. Adding digital and online features through ESIComm will enhance your home and keep your valuables safe.