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Founded in 1984, esi.comm strives to be the premiere security and telecommunications dealer in Missouri.

With all the choices out there for your telephone, data and security needs, what makes one company different from the next? The answer is simple: people. The people who sell you the products. The people that install and service your technology. The people that help you feel secure in your home and have peace of mind.

We’re the people you want to coming into your home and business.

Meet the Owners

Erin and Ben started working at esi.comm in 2002 after graduating from the University of Missouri. Shortly after purchasing esi.comm in 2012, they moved the company to its new location at 105 Lillian Dr., across the street from its old location in Sikeston, MO.

They both strive to make sure customers always know about the industry leading security, telephone and data technology esi.comm has to offer. They’re both in the business because of our customers and always work to make sure they are completely satisfied.

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Sikeston – HQ                                                              Columbia


                                                    Ben & Erin Alcorn

Managers:                                                                                             Manager:

Chris French                                                                                         Sean LaFond

Matt Gamel

Office Team:

Alisa Worthington – CS/D/S

Marilyn Hull – AP/AR

Technicians:                                                                                          Technicians:

Justin Smart                                                                                            Jake Feith

Jordy Smart

Louis Goehri

Josh Heithaus

Gabe McClung

Brian Fisk

Jorge Rodriguez


Martin Schaefer – Outside Sales

Brett Stroud – Outside Sales

Bart Ziegenhorn – Inside Sales / Purchasing


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Exceeding Expectations Every Day

ESI Comm Logo, Bussiness Phone and Business & Home Security

ESI Comm has been offering security, telecommunications and networking products and services to Missouri for over 30 years. Our company is known for its customer service and dedication to customer satisfaction.

We have full service offices located in Columbia, MO, which services the Mid-Missouri area between Kansas City and St Louis, and Sikeston, MO, which services St Louis to Memphis.

ESI Comm Values


When we are dealing with the safety and security of clients, families, and businesses, we take our services very seriously. We have risen in the ranks of technology and security systems because we have always offered honest input on feedback on what is best for your residential or commercial location. Whatever system or advice we provide to you, you can be assured it will be the exact fit for your location.


With two primary locations in Sikeston and Columbia, Missouri, we are accessible to many businesses and homes in the Missouri areas. We pride ourselves in timely service, and we take that all the way from the providing of the quote, to the execution of our services. If you use us for your business and residential systems, we will always just be a call away.


Safety and Security are nothing to take lightly, as well as knowledge of modern technology systems. All of our staff have received the necessary training and education that they will need to be able to back our services and guarantees. Not only are our employees trained, but yours will be as well after we educate you on using your new system.


The technology industry is always advancing and moving forward, and we always aim to be ahead of the trends. We can guarantee your system will be the most up to date of its kind, and will continue to educate you when new technologies and systems arise.


The reason ESI was started was to provide local Missouri residents with reliable services that could increase the safety and efficiency of their homes and workspaces. We want to see your business succeed, and we want to see your family protected, and this cornerstone is consistent across the board for our services. We aren’t just a technology company; we are a friend.