What Kind of Security System Do I Need?

Whether you are securing your home or business, they principles of security systems are the same. First, you should understand the basics of a security system. To find out more about these basics, read on as we have included a short synopsis of the types of security systems and their potential application. We offer security system installation and monitoring services from Kansas City to Saint Louis to Memphis, including security systems in Columbia MO.

Security System Types

Alarm Systems

The most common security system. Great for home and business. Requires a PIN code, ID badge, or Bio-ID to activate and de-activate. Alarm sounds when a door or window is open. Monitoring can be accessed from a computer, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Video Surveillance/Camera Systems

For homes or businesses with high-value items or locations where crime rates are increased. These are a good but often costly option that also can require some degree of technical knowledge. Security video footage can be set up to be monitored remotely via phone or computer.

Gates, Bars, Doors & Windows

The easiest and most primitive form of security. Can be good at keeping people out but theses measures are often unsightly. There is also laminated security glass to consider as an alternative. It may not be quite as strong as steel but it will look far better.

Monitoring Service Types


A phone integrated, hard-wired, system. It is simple and reliable and is typically the more economic option. However, a clever criminal could easily cut the phone cable coming from your home or business, essentially shutting down your security system.

Internet Based

A newer system that relies on an internet connection for monitoring. Web monitored systems are typically reliable and are currently well priced as well. However, if you have slow or spotty internet or a power outage, this may not be a good option.

Cellular Network

This system relies on a cellular signal to connect with the monitoring service and if you are in a town or city with good cell coverage, you will never need to worry about loss of service. And, you cannot cut a “cellular” line to disable service because there isn’t one.

Integration, Options, & Features

PINs, Keycards, & Bio-IDs

Typically for businesses, this increased security and access control measures allow you to better know who is accessing what within your security net. Options include: PINs, badge or dongle access devices, finger print ID, retina ID, and voice ID.

Smartphone and App Integration Features

A program run on a computer, phone, tablet, or even through a website which allows the user to access their security system from any location with an internet or cell connection. This can relay alerts or even allow for remote monitoring of video camera systems. You can arm or disarm your business from your phone, or even lock the physical doors of your business if you have smart locks installed.

Fire Protection

Integrate your security system with your fire alarms to alert you if there is a problem whether you are home or abroad. Can detect smoke, heat, and CO2 levels that would detect a possible fire.

Sound Activation (Glass Break)

When the sound of glass being broken is heard, the alarm will automatically sound.

Interior Motion Sensors

Even if an intruder manages to circumvent your security measures, a motion detector will capture them when they move within their site and trigger an alarm


We primarily use DSC security products which are known for their reliability and effectiveness. We offer a 3-year warranty on service and a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. All warranty work is performed by ESI Comm not a third party.


We take the time to customize a quote that works for you and fits your security needs with every installation we perform. Many factors go into creating our custom quotes and include the answers to the following:

Will your System be Wired or Wireless?

Does your home or office have an attic or crawl space?

How many levels do we need to secure?

How many exterior doors and windows are there?

Is there adequate cellular and/or wireless service at your location?

Will you need smoke and fire alarm intergration

What type of access control do you require (PIN, Bio-ID, badge, etc.)

Monitoring Service

Once you have a security system installed, you will need to consider your monitoring sevrvice that will alert you if your alarm is activated. We have monitoring services that start at just $14 per month.

Where Do We Install Security Systems?

Cape Girardeau, MO

Columbia, MO

St. Louis, MO

Sikeston, MO

Jackson, MO

Poplar Bluff, MO

& Everywhere in between

How Long Will My Installation Take?

Typically, one business day. For home and small to medium-sized businesses, installation can be completed in one day. Larger businesses may require additional time for installation and staff training on the sue and operation of their new security system. Know that we take the time to make sure you and all those using the system are able to operate it correctly before we leave

Have Questions or Need a Quote?

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